"Once uppon a time there was a Circuit...."
A living legend in the Dutch dunes near Zandvoort

The Zandvoort Motorracing circuit is a worldwide legendary track.
Due to her unique place allong side the sea and the natural flow of the circuit in the Dutch dunes she became a real legend.
The circuit was born in the second Worldwar and openend eventually in 1948. The ravages of time provided a history with a lot of hights but also many depts. Several times the circuit almost vanished for ever. But all those times she rised from the ashes.
At this section we show you the ins and outs of the wonderfull Zandvoort circuit nowadays but for sure also how we knew here in the past.

Since 1948 the Zandvoort circuit got different lay-outs within the time. At this section you can see all the layouts with some short information why the track changed back then. Also the layout of the street track from 1939 can be found here.
Here you can find all the layouts of the Zandvoort Circuit

Is 'Tarzan-corner' really named after the lost boy in the  jungle or is there an other explanation? Who was 'Hugenholtz' or 'Slotemaker'?
Discover everthing about all the names of the corners of the Zandvoort circuit