All the Zandvoort Circuit layouts throughout the years

This page displays all the layouts off the Zandvoort Circuit, including the street-track from 1939.  Every layout has some pics from that period of time, discover them to click on the parts of the track.

Street circuit  'prijs van Zandvoort', 1939, length 2284 meters

The track displayed above was only used at the street-races in 1939 organised by the mayor of Zandvoort, Van Alphen. Nowadays there is nothing left of wich you can conclude that there was a racetrack once (like you can see on the pics).

Circuit van Zandvoort, 1948-1973, length: 4193 meters

Above displayed the first permanent road-racing track at Zandvoort. It's a very fast track with challenging turns (Like Tarzan and Scheivlak). The circuit changed in 1973 due to savety reasons wich were very nessecairy. Till 1973 the circuit had no crash barriers, and the only thing between the circuit and the spectators was a small wooden fence.
for on-board footage from the F1 GP of 1966 at Zandvoort. The video starts just before going in to "Scheivlak" and shows the rest of the old circuit till  the finishline. 
To get an impression of the Dutch  Grand Prix in 1955 CLICK HERE

Get amazed how close the spectators are in this great clip were you can see every part of the old Zandvoort circuit.

Circuit van Zandvoort, 1973-1980, length: 4226 meters

The track from 1973 till 1980. There are crash barriers now and there is a new chicane, the "Panorama" chicane, to slow the cars down a bit before going for the last turn. .Dispite al this measures for safety ,there was a huge accident in the first Grand Prix at the new safe Zandvoort in 1973 involving British talent Roger Williamson burned to dead near "Tunnel Oost". 
for the full F1 race from 1973 with the accident involving Williamson at 11.45 
(and be amazed how the safety regulations were at that time. Not to imagne anymore but  in 1973 the called the new Zandvoort the safest track on earth)

Circuit van Zandvoort, 1980-1989, length: 4252 meters

Back in 1980, just like in 1973, there is a new chicane near old "Hondenvlak" . The new chicane is called "Marlboro chicane".
CLICK HERE to drive a lap on-board with Alain Prost. 
CLICK HERE for an excitting part of the 1983 F1 GP with Prost and Piquet.

Circuit van Zandvoort 'Interim-circuit',1989-1998, length: 2526 meters

Back in 1989 the circuit was almost banned out of Zandvoort due to a new bungalowpark on the right of this trackmap.
But a "interim-plan" reheld the circuit from closing. The straight became shorter and so a part of the track ("Bos Uit" for example)pulled up to the north more to make way for the holliday-resort. From "Hunzerug" the track makes a right turn ("Toyota") and goes from new "Nissan" turn to the new "Bos uit". The dark grey part of the track is not being used in this period but remains for future expansion plans.
CLICK HERE  for a videoclip of the F1 demonstration by Jos Verstappen in his Arrows at the 'Marlboro Masters of F3' 1996. At 4:00 you can see the whole interim-track situation. Also take notice of the massive crowds allong site the track at the very populair Masters of F3 event. 

Circuit van Zandvoort, 1999-now, length: 4300 meters

This is the circuit like it is nowadays. At the end of the 90's the track was expanded. The old-part towards Scheivlak was reopend again. 
From Scheivlak three new turns, the new "Marlboro" (later renamed into 'Masters' because of the law) leading into a nother right hander following by a left 180 degrees turn. From that point a new straihgt ending at former "Audi-S" turn, renamed in "Hans Ernst" since 2013, provides a second overtaking oppurtunity besides Tarzan-corner.  Old "Bos uit" was renamed in 2002 in "Arie Luyendijk", one of Netherlands best drivers ever, he won the Indianapollis twice.
CLICK HERE to drive a lap at the new Zandvoort with DTM-legend Bernd Schneider. The layout as in this videoclip still excist today.